Category: Dust extraction systems

  • New Turbines 4.0
    30 March 2023
    thumb - New Turbines 4.0

    The new 4.0 technology, with interconnected and interactive intelligent sensors and devices that can be managed remotely, has enabled the developement…

  • New KR2AS Mobile Turbine
    20 March 2023
    thumb - New KR2AS Mobile Turbine

    The new KR2AS Mobile Turbine features a centralized system technology with the maneuverability of a mobile unit and an integrated workstation…

  • New KS300 4.0
    16 March 2023
    thumb - New KS300 4.0

    It is now available the new KS300 4.0 Professional Vacuum Cleaner, with a powerful brushless motor and a new electronic touch screen display…

    7 February 2022

    RUPES introduces the Workstation System for the KS 300 Professional Vacuum Cleaner (product code: 161.1106/C). Featuring two swing arms for the suction hoses, two shelves, two additional tool holders and

  • New KC28 Workstation Extention Kit
    14 February 2020
    thumb - New KC28 Workstation Extention Kit

    Following the release of the KC28 Multipurpose Trolley, RUPES has engaged in a research process to improve its versatility and efficiency. The result is the introduction of the new KC28 Workstation Extension

  • RUPES KR2A | New Video
    24 January 2020
    thumb - RUPES KR2A | New Video

    A new video about the RUPES KR2A Mobile Dust Extraction System is now available to watch on YouTube! RUPES KR2A is a mobile Dust Extraction System designed inside a complete

  • Video S2 Series with Systainer T-LOC
    28 November 2018
    thumb - Video S2 Series with Systainer T-LOC

    Today on the Rupes Youtube channel, an explanatory video of the new series of S2 portable vacuum cleaners combined with the Systainer T-LOC system has been published. The new mobile

  • New RUPES S2 SERIES Vacuum Cleaners
    30 September 2018
    thumb - New RUPES S2 SERIES Vacuum Cleaners

    Maximum dust extraction capacity and mobility Includes a fast connection to the SYSTAINER T-LOC systems The new RUPES S230 and S245 Vacuum cleaners are professional dust extractors that can be

  • Obsessed Garage Sanding theory
    16 March 2018
    thumb - Obsessed Garage Sanding theory

    Episode 8 Machine sanding theory Today we move from polishing to sanding talking about theory with Jason Rose. Matt. Obsessed Garage follows this lesson with great interest, specifically talking about