Category: Accessories

    21 July 2021

    RUPES introduces the new BOTTLE CARRIER, the perfect solution to carry around polishing compound bottles and other items you need for…

  • New BigFoot iBrid Nano Extension Shaft
    11 February 2020
    thumb - New BigFoot iBrid Nano Extension Shaft

    In the quest to continuously improve and add versatility and functionality to the BigFoot Nano with iBrid Technology, RUPES is proud to introduce the new iBrid Nano Extension Shaft. This 70mm (2.75”)

  • BigFoot Tool Holder wall mountend
    8 January 2019
    thumb - BigFoot Tool Holder  wall mountend

    The ultimate solution to organise your workplace   Organising the workplace can improve efficiency, save time and reduce work-related stress. The new Tool Holder by RUPES has been designed and

  • New twisted wool pads
    8 November 2018
    thumb - New twisted wool pads

    Wool Pads for rotary polishers Designed to provide impressive cutting speed, reduced risk of rotary swirls and improved process efficiency while maintaining a smooth, vibration-free, operator experience. The all-new RUPES twisted

  • New RUPES Cable clamp
    17 June 2018
    thumb - New RUPES Cable clamp

    A new accessory to optimize the storage of cords of electric tools is now available Managing the cords for various electric tools can be a challenge and proper storage of

  • New antistatic conic hose assembly
    19 February 2018
    thumb - New antistatic conic hose assembly

    HIGHER VACUUM PERFORMANCE AND MAJOR EFFICIENCY We have designed and produced a new antistatic conic hose assembly for both electric and pneumatic tools, available in different configurations with different diameters