Intelligent inverter turbines 4.0 – Dust extraction systems

In recent years RUPES has not only been involved in the production and design of dust extraction system solutions, but also in the activity of creating a real technical center to offer RUPES customers their technical support and know-how.

The first step has been the introduction of the 3D technical support, by offering our know-how and experience in evaluating dust extraction systems requests and by preparing a project with all descriptions, explanation, information that are necessary to communicate to the customer the advantages of our solution.

In the last months we have started to consider the possibility to provide also a complete direct technical support during the use of the dust extraction system. And the result is the design of a NEW INTELLIGENT INVERTER TURBINE TECHNOLOGY.

New Intelligent Turbines range:

  • 15kW turbine intelligent model HE4001i with 15” display touch screen
  • 11kW turbine intelligent model HE3001i with 7” display touch screen
  • 7.5kW turbine intelligent model HE2301i with 7” display touch screen

The development of this new system and technology can offer the possibility to have turbines always connected with RUPES through a direct remote assistance and support. We will take care directly of checking the working condition, planning a maintenance operation in advance, and optimize turbine working condition for every single installation. The advantages for the user are in terms of maintenance (reduction of maintenance and preventive maintenance) and an increase of product lifetime thanks to a higher reliability of the all dust extraction systems.

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