New RUPES S2 SERIES Vacuum Cleaners

Maximum dust extraction capacity and mobility Includes a fast connection to the SYSTAINER T-LOC systems

The new RUPES S230 and S245 Vacuum cleaners are professional dust extractors that can be connected with both electric and pneumatic tools. Efficiency, versatility and manageability, together with other innovative technical features, are important key factors for this new dust extractor series.

The S2 series vacuum cleaners are available with 30 and 45 liter drums. Their special structure ensures resistance and manageability during movement in all kind of workplaces. Their shape enables maximum expansion of the filter bag.

To ensure maximum extraction efficiency in all working conditions, the S2 version E extractor has an automatic filter cleaning system. By means of a system of valves, the air flow passing through the filters is inverted in alternation every 30 seconds, thus ensuring efficient cleaning action. This innovative system allows the operator to continue working, without any interruption or reduction in the extraction process. All the vacuum cleaners belonging to the S2 Series are equipped with a double panel filter, reaching a total of 1sq. meter of filter surface area.

The main features of S2 vacuum cleaners are:

  • Support Plane: all the SYSTAINER T-LOC modular systems. Therefore, the system can be used as a real working station, where it is possible to store tools and related equipment.
  • Double pneumatic connection: both the S245EP & S245EPL versions are equipped with a double pneumatic connection, to use 2 pneumatic tools simultaneously.
  • Soft grip handle: the S245 models come with a soft grip handle, for better grip and maneuverability.

All vacuum cleaners, in both the L and M version, are supplied with a filter made of materials that are certified for class M dust extraction.


Performances of the new S2 Series can be increased by using the new RUPES antistatic conic assembly for electric and pneumatic tools, that is able to significantly enhance the vacuum performance and efficiency and optimize performance of the connected dust extraction system.

Thanks to their powerful 1200W engine, the new S2 Series vacuum cleaners are the ideal support for all professional applications.

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