KC28 – the new Multipurpose Trolley for Professional Vacuum Cleaners

RUPES is pleased to announce the new KC28 Multipurpose Trolley for Professional Vacuum Cleaners, a compact and maneuverable workstation designed to work efficiently in combination with RUPES Professional Vacuum Cleaner S2 Series. The Trolley provides a practical and versatile solution for the professional user, ensuring an improved movement around the workplace, and a great access to tools, consumables and accessories, thanks to the several storage spaces available.

The ergonomic handle and the rubber wheels make it easier to move the trolley on every surface, from the smoothest to the roughest, with the minimal possible effort. The tools holders, the supports for hose assemblies, the storage cabinet, the work table with container, and the waste compartment allow the user to work continuously, without interruptions.

Watch how the new Multipurpose Trolley can help you work faster and more efficiently in any type of workplace!

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