Category: New products

  • WSB presents S2 & Systainer kit
    1 March 2019
    thumb - WSB presents S2 & Systainer kit

    Last week, our Dutch Distributor, WSB hosted a real interesting event with the participation of more than 100 customers. During the event the new mobile vacuum cleaner S2 Series and the new comfortable and practical Systainer kit were presented

  • BigFoot Tool Holder wall mountend
    8 January 2019
    thumb - BigFoot Tool Holder  wall mountend

    The ultimate solution to organise your workplace   Organising the workplace can improve efficiency, save time and reduce work-related stress. The new Tool Holder by RUPES has been designed and

  • Video review from our BigFoot LHR MarkIII
    11 December 2018
    thumb - Video review from our BigFoot LHR MarkIII

    Yesterday Pan TheOrganizer published a wonderful review of our new BigFoot polishers, LHR21 and LHR15 MARKIII. It explains very well the potential of the previous MARKII version and the updates

  • Video Wool Pads for Rotary Polisher
    6 December 2018
    thumb - Video Wool Pads for Rotary Polisher

    This morning on the RUPESSPA youtube channel the new wool pads for rotary polisher are presented, which we have already seen in November “NEW TWISTED WOOL PADS“. Today their use

  • Video S2 Series with Systainer T-LOC
    28 November 2018
    thumb - Video S2 Series with Systainer T-LOC

    Today on the Rupes Youtube channel, an explanatory video of the new series of S2 portable vacuum cleaners combined with the Systainer T-LOC system has been published. The new mobile

  • Rupes presents LH 19E
    21 November 2018
    thumb - Rupes presents LH 19E

    LH 19E rotary polisher Today Rupes presents a new video for the rotary polisher LH19E, which enriches the wide range of BigFoot polishers by adding another piece to the family of

  • New RUPES LHR Mark III
    12 November 2018
    thumb - New RUPES LHR Mark III

    New LHR21 & LHR15 Mark III LHR 21 Mark III With its 21mm orbit and its Ø150mm backing pad, the LHR 21 MarkIII random orbital polisher is the perfect tool

  • New TA-6A RUPES
    9 November 2018
    thumb - New TA-6A RUPES

    Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander Ergonomic, lightweight, and powerful. The TA 6A introduces an innovative technology defined as “Triple Action” into the pneumatic sander category. The dual action random orbital movement

  • New twisted wool pads
    8 November 2018
    thumb - New twisted wool pads

    Wool Pads for rotary polishers Designed to provide impressive cutting speed, reduced risk of rotary swirls and improved process efficiency while maintaining a smooth, vibration-free, operator experience. The all-new RUPES twisted

  • New RUPES rotary compounds
    19 October 2018
    thumb - New RUPES rotary compounds

    Developed by RUPES to enhance rotary polishing performances and efficiency RUPES has developed 2 new compounds for rotary polishers: the RUPES BigFoot Rotary Coarse Compound and the RUPES BigFoot Rotary