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  • New XC-2 Xtra Cut Compound
    16 noviembre 2023
    thumb - New XC-2 Xtra Cut Compound

    RUPES introduces the new XC-2 XTRA CUT COMPOUND. This product is universally compatible with all machine movement types and specially…

  • New BigFoot iBrid Polishers
    10 noviembre 2023
    thumb - New BigFoot iBrid Polishers

    We are proud to introduce the new BigFoot iBrid Polishers! Revolutionizing polishing with seamless cordless and corded capabilities…

  • HLR75 – New Control Lever
    4 agosto 2023
    thumb - HLR75 – New Control Lever

    Prevent accidental starts and improve your user experience with the HLR75 new control lever! Thanks to the new throttle lock equipped…

  • New Foam Interface pads
    3 agosto 2023
    thumb - New Foam Interface pads

    Improve your sanding results with the new Foam Interface Pads! We are introducing a new series of interface pads, designed and manufactured…

  • New LL200 Swirl Finder Flashlight
    28 julio 2023
    thumb - New LL200 Swirl Finder Flashlight

    RUPES is introducing the LL200 Swirl Finder Flashlight has been designed to provide detailers and body shops the perfect portable tool to inspect the surface

  • New Turbines 4.0
    30 marzo 2023
    thumb - New Turbines 4.0

    The new 4.0 technology, with interconnected and interactive intelligent sensors and devices that can be managed remotely, has enabled the developement…

  • New KS300 4.0
    16 marzo 2023
    thumb - New KS300 4.0

    It is now available the new KS300 4.0 Professional Vacuum Cleaner, with a powerful brushless motor and a new electronic touch screen display…

  • New NIVEUS 4.0
    15 marzo 2023
    thumb - New NIVEUS 4.0

    The NIVEUS Air Purifier becomes even smarter! The new NIVEUS 4.0 features an electronic touchscreen display with custom dashboard…