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  • New BigFoot Polo
    23 noviembre 2022
    thumb - New BigFoot Polo

    Made of 100% soft cotton jersey, which ensures maximum comfort, the new BigFoot Polo Shirt is specially designed for those who wear it daily…

  • New WAFFLE Rotary Foam Pads
    11 octubre 2022
    thumb - New WAFFLE Rotary Foam Pads

    RUPES introduces the WAFFLE POLISHING PADS, a new line of foam pads specially designed to expand the options within our Rotary Polishing System.

  • New Long Sleeve Academy Polo
    4 octubre 2022
    thumb - New Long Sleeve Academy Polo

    The official BigFoot Academy Black Line Polo is now available also with long sleeves. Made of high-quality materials, this polo shirt has…

  • New Racing Hoodie
    15 septiembre 2022
    thumb - New Racing Hoodie

    The new RUPES Racing Hoodie is now available. The latest in our RUPES official clothing line is characterized by the design and colors…

  • New Wheel Covers
    26 julio 2022
    thumb - New Wheel Covers

    Protect the tires and wheel rims of the vehicles you are working on with the new RUPES Wheel Covers!

  • New BigFoot Keyrings
    22 julio 2022
    thumb - New BigFoot Keyrings

    Our popular merchandise items change their look; RUPES introduces the new 3D BigFoot Keyrings. Both the LHR21 Mark III and the iBrid Nano…

  • New UNO Advanced
    14 junio 2022
    thumb - New UNO Advanced

    UNO ADVANCED Stand Alone Protection & Maintenance Polish The UNO family of products is expanding again! We are introducing the new RUPES UNO ADVANCED Stand Alone Protection & Maintenance Polish.

  • New D-A Microfiber Pads
    31 marzo 2022
    thumb - New D-A Microfiber Pads

    RUPES is proud to introduce the NEW D-A MICROFIBER PADS, the latest addition to our D-A System line of consumables!