New BigFoot HLR75 Mini iBrid Polisher

The day has come! RUPES is proud to introduce the new BigFoot HLR75 Mini iBrid Polisher, the future in the evolution of the RUPES tools with iBrid Technology. With 12mm orbit and Ø 75mm backing plate, this polishing tool is ideal for difficult shapes and intricate areas.

The innovative iBrid Tecnology increases process efficiency and optimizes the user experience, providing more versatility for the operator thanks to the functionality as both battery powered and cord powered tool.

The new HLR75 is now shipping to RUPES authorized distributors in Europe and select global markets, and will come to North America soon.

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Please send out an email when this is available.

Ashley DXB Detailer

I have just used this machine as our RUPES dealer came in, i have to say im very impressed. The weight of the machine is perfect and to handle is incredible. Loads of torque gets the job done just as well as a corded machine.

Overall a very very impressive machine, purchase MADE

Niagara Donnie

This is a beauty. I recently bought the LHR75E and wished I waited for this. Instead I now have BOTH and couldn’t be happier with the combo. The corded is great for long runs, the HLR75 on the other hand is great when doing shorter jobs, motorcycles, and areas where you’re stretching or on your back. It’s lighter by a large margin, but it is a BEAST of power.