Catégorie : New products

  • New Foam Interface pads
    3 août 2023
    thumb - New Foam Interface pads

    Improve your sanding results with the new Foam Interface Pads! We are introducing a new series of interface pads, designed and manufactured…

  • New Turbines 4.0
    30 mars 2023
    thumb - New Turbines 4.0

    The new 4.0 technology, with interconnected and interactive intelligent sensors and devices that can be managed remotely, has enabled the developement…

  • New KS300 4.0
    16 mars 2023
    thumb - New KS300 4.0

    It is now available the new KS300 4.0 Professional Vacuum Cleaner, with a powerful brushless motor and a new electronic touch screen display…

  • New NIVEUS 4.0
    15 mars 2023
    thumb - New NIVEUS 4.0

    The NIVEUS Air Purifier becomes even smarter! The new NIVEUS 4.0 features an electronic touchscreen display with custom dashboard…

  • New BigFoot Polo
    23 novembre 2022
    thumb - New BigFoot Polo

    Made of 100% soft cotton jersey, which ensures maximum comfort, the new BigFoot Polo Shirt is specially designed for those who wear it daily…

  • New WAFFLE Rotary Foam Pads
    11 octobre 2022
    thumb - New WAFFLE Rotary Foam Pads

    RUPES introduces the WAFFLE POLISHING PADS, a new line of foam pads specially designed to expand the options within our Rotary Polishing System.