New BigFoot iBrid Nano Extension Shaft

In the quest to continuously improve and add versatility and functionality to the BigFoot Nano with iBrid Technology, RUPES is proud to introduce the new iBrid Nano Extension Shaft. This 70mm (2.75”) metal bar provides additional reach for the iBrid Nano into even more difficult to polish and complex areas. The iBrid Nano Extension is specially designed by RUPES to be equipped on either long or short neck iBrid Nano tools in rotary mode with the ⌀ 30mm (1.25”) backing pad.

The iBrid Nano Extension gives users an additional dimension of configuration to address an even more extensive range of applications. It continues to solidify the BigFoot Nano’s reputation as the most versatile compact polishing tool available today. Perfect around door handles, around mirror housings, spoilers, air intakes, wheels, and so much more.

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hello. I would like to know the price. ??ibrid extent sion shaft..Fenks!