New RUPES Cable clamp

A new accessory to optimize the storage of cords of electric tools is now available

Managing the cords for various electric tools can be a challenge and proper storage of cords is essential to maintaining optimal performance for your tools.

The RUPES Cable Clamp is a ratcheting cord management clip constructed of durable molded plastic designed to keep cords bundled neatly whether your tool is in a cabinet, in a RUPES bag, or hanging on the wall.

Compact in size, but adjustable to suit large or small bundles of cord (up to 50mm/2”) the bright red color and printed RUPES logo make the Cable Clamp highly visible, so it won’t get lost around the workshop. When it is not used to manage the cords on your RUPES polishers, the Cable Clamp also makes a great way to hang a microfiber towel from your belt or use it to secure your keys.

This new accessory is packaged in sheets containing 25 pieces each, and available with the RUPES product code 9.Z1024/25.

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Where can I buy the Rupes cable clams from