BigFoot Tool Holder wall mountend

The ultimate solution to organise your workplace


Organising the workplace can improve efficiency, save time and reduce work-related stress.

The new Tool Holder by RUPES has been designed and produced to tailor and optimise every workplace. It is the essential accessory to get a more organised, functional and efficient work environment.

Designed to hold the tools firmly and securely, it helps in keeping them visible and handy. It is suitable for the complete range of BigFoot polishers, including BigFoot Ibrid Nano, and RUPES pneumatic and electric sanders. Lightweight plastic made, the new tool holder can be screwed directly to masonry or metal.

Thanks to its rounded corners and protected edges, it provides an extra level of protection for both the tool and the user. The new Tool Holder is equipped with a special hook, to support electrical cords up to 9 metres long, so you can easily and safely organise your workshop.

Product code: 9.HOLDER

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where can i buy these?

Francesco Ginocchio
Reply to  john

You have to ask to your local dealer


Hi guys. I have my own detail business where I do ceramic coating, paint correction, and anything dealing with automotive appearance. I was searching the net for new technology with polishers and I saw your lineup. I’d like to feature and review your polishers. Please email me so that we can discuss a partnership and I could do a YouTube review of your polishers.


Where can I purchase (2) of Rupes tool holders from.