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  • Shelf finish with the SkorpioE
    4 April 2019
    thumb - Shelf finish with the SkorpioE

    Oak shelf finish with our SkorpioE When it comes to finishing wood, there is nothing better than our SkorpiE random orbital sander. A few days ago Stefano Il Falegname, Italian

  • Mini Sanders – New Video Out
    21 March 2019
    thumb - Mini Sanders – New Video Out

    Don’t miss the new video about Rupes mini orbital sanders LC71T, LE71TE, LS71TE, and mini random orbital sander LR71TE. Their ergonomic, light and compact body, together with their maximum grip,

  • New TA-6A RUPES
    9 November 2018
    thumb - New TA-6A RUPES

    Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander Ergonomic, lightweight, and powerful. The TA 6A introduces an innovative technology defined as “Triple Action” into the pneumatic sander category. The dual action random orbital movement