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  • Bigfoot Seminar V2 to New Delhi
    31 August 2018

    The Bigfoot Seminar v2 to New Delhi 26th September 2018 After the great success of Seminar V1 at Bengaluru in 2017. Now this 26th September 2018, The Bigfoot Seminar v2 comes

  • Esoteric Open House with Rupes
    30 June 2018

    Open House to Esoteric Detailing day A few days ago there was an open house dedicated to Rupes and our professional products at Esoteric Detail. Nick McQueen, interviewed by Todd

  • Mercedes 190E Cosworth Detailing
    17 June 2018

    BigFoot System on Mercedes 190E Today the guys at WhiteDetails renew a car that has certainly made history the Mercedes 190E Cosworth. These guys do a job of restoring the

  • AMDetails Vlog of UK Rupes Seminar
    9 June 2018

    UK Rupes Seminar Yesterday AMDetails has published a new Vlog Dedicated to UK Rupes Seminar. The Rupes UK team fully displays the BigFoot polishing system, explaining practical technique and right application.

  • Detailing to the BMW 6 Series
    26 May 2018

    BigFoot polisher system on BMW 6 Series Today AMdetails takes us into the world of detailing working on a BMW 6 Series, a customary customer who absolutely keeps to the

  • Porsche 944 Restoration
    10 May 2018

    The whole BigFoot Rupes range at work Today we show a video from the nice youtuber AMDetails that restores a Porsche 944 with our complete BigFoot system. The 944 grinquities

  • Obsessed Garage Sanding theory
    16 March 2018

    Episode 8 Machine sanding theory Today we move from polishing to sanding talking about theory with Jason Rose. Matt. Obsessed Garage follows this lesson with great interest, specifically talking about

  • Obsessed Garage training episode 5
    11 March 2018

    The 10 Polishing Variables When you reach the 5th episode with Obsessed Garage and the trainig Rupes, you return to class with Jason Rose. Today explains the 10 variables that