How to renovate a weathered surface? RUPES Renovation Kits

Why repainting or replacing a weathered surface that can be simply renovated with a BigFoot polisher? RUPES came up with the idea of putting together two kits for the LHR 12E Duetto and the LHR 75E Mini, all-in-one sanding and polishing systems for painted surfaces. The kits include, in addition to Wool Pads and Zephir Coarse Compound, also Abrasive Discs for a deeper defects correction and UNO PROTECT Polish and Sealant for perfect finish and protection. The kits come into a Systainer T-Loc Case for an efficient organization and transportation.

Painted surfaces such as garage doors, window frames, office buildings, and all powder coated materials can be easily and quickly renovated. The renovation performed with these kits represents a real revolution that can lead to many advantages compared to traditional methods: it is faster, it helps maintaining the smoothness and the gloss of the original surface, and it has lower material costs.

Watch the videos showing how easy it is to actually renovate a painted gate and a painted door only by wet sanding and polishing them with RUPES BigFoot Renovation kits!

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