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Rupes BigFoot Paint Correction Web App

RUPES is proud to announce the new BigFoot Paint Correction Web App. This innovative app is an amazing tool to assist in finding the best combination of RUPES tools, pads and compounds to achieve optimal result with the Rupes BigFoot Polishing System based on user-defined variables that include paint hardness and defect type. The Web App is currently available in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Czech, Polish and Slovak.

This digital tool was created in response to frequently asked questions as to what the best combination of BigFoot products is to correct various paint defects. The intuitive design makes it easier than ever to define a recommended starting point in any surface correction procedure and while no app can provide a perfect answer to every situation the guidelines provided by the BigFoot Paint Correction Web App serve as an excellent starting reference for the highest probability for success.

How do I access the BigFoot paint correction web app?

To start, simply click the following link or copy and paste the link into your mobile phone browser:

For Android users, the web icon on your phone will directly link to the App page. By clicking the link, the download will start automatically.

For IOS users, simply add the App page to your phones Home Screen by clicking on the share icon (  ) on the bottom of the page and select “Add to Home Screen” from the options.

How does it work?

The app is very intuitive and easy to use. In just a few steps you’ll receive a recommended combination of products based on your input:


1. Select the paint type on top of the page by swiping right or left through refinish paint, standard paint, soft paint hard paint, and sticky paint.

2. Next select the type of defect: from light to severe scratches, holograms, chemical etching, oxidation, orange peel, etc.

3. To complete the process select the BigFoot polishing tool you will be using. LHR19, LHR15, LHR21, LK900 MILLE, LHR12E? The Web App will provide a list of the best combination for each tool and, if nec
essary, will also suggest to perform a sanding phase before polishing.

4. The BigFoot Paint Correction Web App will provide you the best possible combination of pad and compound compatible with the tool you have chosen. RUPES recommends starting with the suggested combination of tool, pad, and compound indicated by the App, in order to achieve the optimal result on the selected paint and defect in most cases. Keep in mind that the app will make recommendations based on the most likely combination to provide a successful result, but the technician may need to adjust techniques or product combinations for situational applications. The stars rating provided indicates the efficiency of the suggested combination.

Printable Application Sheet

In addition to the Web App there are also printable reference sheets based on paint condition, type, and tool choice at the following link, it is recommended they be printed in A3 format:

After choosing the type of paint, the best possible combinations of tools, pads, and compounds are displayed in a printable table. The vertical axis are indicates the different types of defects, while next to them the best combinations of consumables in relation to each BigFoot polishing tool are presented.