New NW Series D-A Wool Polishing Pads

Introducing the latest RUPES NW Series D-A Wool Polishing Pads with a new cylindric shape, an evolution of the BW Series pads. These new pads, crafted in-house by RUPES using top-tier materials that are totally made in Italy, have higher resistance and a longer durability. Also, the new D-A Wool Pads are packaged in the RUPES ECO PACK, our new sustainable packaging solution entirely made from responsible sources and 100% recyclable with paper.

All the new NW Series Wool Pads are available to order, while the previous BW Series Wool Pads will be discontinued as follows:
– 9.BW180H are now out of stock and all orders will be switched to 9.NW160H.
– 9.BW150H and 9.BW100H will be available until end of February, later the orders will be modified with 9.NW130H and 9.NW80H.
– D-A Medium Wool Pads will be available in both version (BW & NW) until summer 2024.
– All kits including D-A Wool Pads are now produced with the new NW Series D-A Wool Pads, iBrid Nano LUX Kits excluded.

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