BigFoot Polishing System

Perfect System

BigFoot system is the perfect solution

Perfect Results

Even with just one step!

The BigFoot system is the perfect solution for the novice user or the professional in search of a flawless finish. BigFoot’s design characteristics make it unique in the world of polishers. The exceptional balance and lack of vibration afford the operator complete control and maximize the maneuverability of the tool during the polishing operation. Normally difficult areas such as edges, contours and corners are easily handled with the operator employing a consistent and harmonious motion. Ensuring maximum comfort of the operator during use was an important aspect taken into account by RUPES technicians right from the first feasibility  studies of the project. The unique design and concentrated approach to ergonomics result in a very stable tool that is light and maneuverable while still delivering all the power necessary to accomplish a world class finish With BigFoot, polishing becomes easy, comfortable and produces excellent results.

Obtaining a perfectly polished surface in the least amount of time possible was a primary aim of the BigFoot project. Traditional polishing methods generally require an experienced technician and are very time consuming due to the various steps of sanding, polishing and treating post-polish holograms. BigFoot simplifies the polishing process, substantially reducing time and producing an optimum result with just one step. Thanks to the random orbital movement, BigFoot’s innovative approach eliminates holograms and the need for post-polishing steps generally associated with traditional polishing methods.