Glass cleaner G401 500ml


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RUPES G401 Glass Cleaner makes one of the most frustrating tasks in car detailing easy. The unique gel formula clings to glass and instantly breaks down grease and soil. G401 Glass Cleaner wipes away completely, leaving behind a crystal-clear finish that is free from streaks, smears, halos and finish that is free from streaks, smears, halos and wipe lines.

With G401 Glass Cleaner, easy-to-achieve perfect results are the beginning. It continues to work after RUPES G401 Glass Cleaner makes window cleaning headache-free. Stop fighting to remove streaks, smears, halos and wipe lines. The unique gel formula instantly breaks down grease and soiling, allowing for effortless crystal-clear cleaning.

Being wiped off the surface by preventing interior fog and window clouding and by making future cleaning even easier.

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