RUPES’ expanded resin foam polishing pads are specially designed for the random orbital polishing system. They produce excellent results with substantial time saving and reduced compound consumption. BigFoot’s random orbital movement creates high mechanical stresses on the foam polishing pads, generating an increase in internal temperature. The innovative “open cell” structure of the BigFoot foam polishing pads prevents the build-up of heat generated during the polishing process. In addition, this particular structure guarantees maximum efficiency in the polishing process with minimum downward vertical pressure from the operator. The center hole creates superior ventilation and heat dispersion through special channels in the backing pad. The innovative design of the truncated cone shape optimizes the performance of the large diameter orbit, and at the same time protects against accidental contact between the backing pad and the work surface. 

The oscillating movement of the BigFoot systems is a perfect partner for the porous structure. The abrasive compound is not retained inside the sponge but is continuously applied to the work surface, providing a constant layer of lubricated abrasive between the surface and the foam polishing pad.

Following are recommended compound/medium foam pad combinations:

- Quarz abrasive compound for optimum results on any type of surface;
- Zephir abrasive compound to decrease correction time and still produce a good finish;
- Keramik abrasive compound for one-step applications.

Technical data

Ø 80-100 mm (3"- 4")
  Code Description Unit
  9.BF100H/4 COARSE 4 foams
  9.BF100J/4 MEDIUM 4 foams
  9.BF100M/4 FINE 4 foams
  9.BF100S/4 ULTRAFINE 4 foams
  9.BF100H/32 COARSE 32 foams
  9.BF100J/32 MEDIUM 32 foams
  9.BF100M/32 FINE 32 foams
  9.BF100S/32 ULTRAFINE 32 foams
  9.BF100H/50 COARSE 50 foams
  9.BF100J/50 MEDIUM 50 foams
  9.BF100M/50 FINE 50 foams
  9.BF100S/50 ULTRAFINE 50 foams
Ø 130-150 mm (5"- 6")
  Code Description Unit
  9.BF150H/2 COARSE 2 foams
  9.BF150J/2 MEDIUM 2 foams
  9.BF150M/2 FINE 2 foams
  9.BF150S/2 ULTRAFINE 2 foams
  9.BF150H/16 COARSE 16 foams
  9.BF150J/16 MEDIUM 16 foams
  9.BF150M/16 FINE 16 foams
  9.BF150S/16 ULTRAFINE 16 foams
  9.BF150H/50 COARSE 50 foams
  9.BF150J/50 MEDIUM 50 foams
  9.BF150M/50 FINE 50 foams
  9.BF150S/50 ULTRAFINE 50 foams
Ø 150-180 mm (6"- 7")
  Code Description Unit
  9.BF180H/2 COARSE 2 foams
  9.BF180J/2 MEDIUM 2 foams
  9.BF180M/2 FINE 2 foams
  9.BF180S/2 ULTRAFINE 2 foams
  9.BF180H/16 COARSE 16 foams
  9.BF180J/16 MEDIUM 16 foams
  9.BF180M/16 FINE 16 foams
  9.BF180S/16 ULTRAFINE 16 foams
  9.BF180H/50 COARSE 50 foams
  9.BF180J/50 MEDIUM 50 foams
  9.BF180M/50 FINE 50 foams
  9.BF180S/50 ULTRAFINE 50 foams