HE 2301i Turbine – 7,5 kW – 10 HP


HE 2301i Turbine is a Central Dust Extraction System for extracting micro-dust generated during a sanding process or different industrial processes. It provides excellent vacuum performance, high reliability (periodical maintenance is not necessary), high filtering efficiency thanks to the Cyclonic pre-filtration system and the filter cartridge protection (it filters 99.5% of micro-dust up to 0.3 μm).

This new 4.0 Intelligent Turbine with Inverter Technology features a 7″ Computer Control Touch Panel for managing the System. The touch screen offers the possibility to have the turbines always connected with RUPES Technical Center through a direct remote assistance and support that allows to check the working condition, to plan maintenance operations in advance, and to optimize the Turbine for every single installation.

HE 2301i Turbine – 7,5 kW – 10 HP- Gallery photo 1


HE 2301i Turbine – 7,5 kW – 10 HP- Gallery photo 1Intelligent Turbine HE2301i - HE3001i - HE4001i - Remote ControlHE 2301i Turbine – 7,5 kW – 10 HP- Gallery photo 3Intelligent Turbine HE2301i - HE3001i - 7


HE 2301i Turbine – 7,5 kW – 10 HP - Gallery video 5

Technical data

Side channel pump
Electric supply 380V 3ph
Power W/Hp 7500/10
Weight kg 230
Vacuum max mmH2O 2900
Noise dB(A) 75
Tank capacity l 50
Flow capacity max m3/h 800
Filter surface m2 8
Tools Nr 9
Working pressure Bar 6
Inteligent Display size 7″
Automatic filter cleaning
Manual filter cleaning
Motor control section
Filter control section
Technical video section
Technical info section
Remote diagnostic technology
Remote control
LAN connection
Energy saving
ID Vacuum nozzle mm 100
Size (HxWxD) cm 138x136x90

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