Can a BEGINNER use a Rupes Bigfoot Mk III Polisher? | ft. Dylan von Kleist

Dylan von Kleist meets The Rag Company. In this video we will find out if a beginner would be able to use the new Rupes LHR15 MarkIII Random Orbital Polisher. Let’s see together how somebody who just started polishing will deal with this amazing machine.

Just couple of changes have been made from the MarkII, but they all are very important and make the polisher more user-friendly: the handle has been rubberized for a better grip, on top of the polisher two bumper stops have been added in order to give more stability when the polisher is leaning on a surface, also preventing it from possible scratches, a progressive trigger has been introduced so that the speed can be set at the maximum and the user can control it easily with his/her finger, and finally the power cord has been prolonged to 9 meters.


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