Mobile work station turbine KR2A


This Mobile work station turbine KR2A Extremely flexible vacuum unit: it’s compact, simple to install and it can be easily moved around the working area! KR2A is a real mobile workstation to provide the user everything he needs for daily work. Now with automatic filter cleaning system.

Electric and pneumatic tools can be connected to the unit with RUPES flexible suction hoses. An integrated cabinet can be used for placing pads, tools and useful accessories.

The perforated board equipped with all supports provides quickly all consumables to the user. A wide worktable with ribbed rubber surface makes all daily work easy and fast.


Mobile turbine - KR2A


Mobile turbine - KR2AMobile turbine - KR2A - with accessoriesMobile turbine - KR2A - frontMobile turbine - KR2A - BackMobile turbine - KR2A - two usersMobile turbine - KR2A - Compartment for accessoriesMobile turbine - KR2A - tool drawerMobile turbine - KR2A - compartment for accessories 2Mobile turbine - KR2A - equipped wallMobile turbine - KR2A - heavy duty castor wheels with brakesMobile turbine - KR2A - filter compartmentMobile turbine - KR2A - handleMobile turbine - KR2A - tube holder


Mobile work station turbine KR2A - Gallery video 14

Technical data

Side channel pump
Electric supply 230V 1ph
Power W/Hp 1500/2
Weight kg 115
Vacuum max mmH2O 2400
Noise dB(A) 65
Tank capacity l 23
Flow capacity m3/h 250
Filter surface m2 1
Tools Nr 2
Working pressure Bar 6
Automatic filter cleaning
ID Vacuum nozzle mm 50
Size (HxWxD) cm 138x98x62

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