Foam abrasive Ø 150mm – X-CUT

foam abrasive X-CUT


foam abrasive X-CUTfoam abrasive X-CUT - packagingfoam abrasive X-CUT - detailfoam abrasive X-CUT - foam abrasive detailfoam abrasive X-CUT - foam detail

9.45300 -> 9.45303

The best way to create an outstanding finish!


  • Generates a great finish without any deep scratches
  • Optimal product for wet sanding applications
  • Perfect for sanding on contours or rounded edges
  • Creates a finish that requires reduced compounding and polishing steps
  • Creates a finish that can easily be polished to a high gloss


  • Grain: Aluminium Oxide
  • Backing: Fabric on foam
  • Bond: Resin over resin
  • Coating: Special coating on the fabric
  • Grit range: 1500 – 2000 – 3000

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