What’s the PURPOSE of a GEAR-DRIVEN Polisher? | RUPES Mille ft. Dylan von Kleist

Once again, in this video, Dylan von Kleist from Rupes USA meets Morgan from The Rag Company to try and review the Rupes LK 900E Mille Gear-Driven Polisher, highlighting the main differences with the LHR 21 MarkIII Random Orbital polisher.

The first difference to be noticed, is the pad profile, which is lower in the Rupes Mille because the Gear-Driven movement gives a little steer while using it. On the other hand, the benefit is that the rotation and the orbit are tied together, thus you get the same movement every single time, regardless of how hard you press or what the angle is.

The Rupes Mille is the best polisher for those who struggle to keep the rotation with the Random Orbital. Enjoy the video!

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Que precio tiene la pulidora orbital que aparece en el video