Online Webinar | All-In-One Product Category & UNO Protect

The category of “one-step” or “all-in-one” products can be confusing due to the many misconceptions and misidentified products in the segment. In this edition of the C.O.R.E. Series Webinars, the RUPES Global Training team dives into the category to technically define the product characteristics, the optimal applications, and expectation for results. They will also highlight the RUPES entry into this category, UNO Protect, its proper use, and competitive advantages.

Jason Rose • Global Director of Training, RUPES
Fabrizio Gagliardi • Training Manager, RUPES

C.O.R.E. Series Webinars are presented to a global audience so when you choose a time you are joining fellow technicians from around the world. Because of the various time zones, we have created the reference below for our audience to understand when this presentation will air in their part of the world.
• Los Angeles, California – Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:30 am
• Denver, Colorado – Tuesday, March 3rd at 7:30 am
• Chicago, Illinois – Tuesday, March 3rd at 8:30 am
• New York, New York – Tuesday, March 3rd at 9:30 am
• London, UK – Tuesday, March 3rd at 2:30 pm
• Milan, Italy – Tuesday, March 3rd at 3:30 pm
• Beijing, China – Tuesday, March 3rd at 10:30 pm
• Sydney, Australia – Wednesday, March 4th at 1:30 am

Can’t attend the live session? Don’t worry! Register now and we’ll send you an on-demand viewing link after the live broadcast so you can watch the content at your convenience.

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