We are very excited to announce the release of the new BIGFOOT PRODUCTS 2020:

  • D-A Polishing Foam Pads: D-A COARSE, D-A FINE, and D-A ULTRA-FINE
  • D-A Polishing Compounds: D-A COARSE, D-A FINE
  • UNO Series Compounds: UNO Pure Ultra-Finishing Polish

These all-new-material and newly formulated products will be joining our existing product line to set a new level of performance in the polishing world.

D-A Polishing Foam Pads have a new proprietary foam formula and new contoured and lower pad profile to deliver great performance and improved user experience on all the BigFoot Orbital Polishing Systems. D-A COARSE, D-A FINE, and D-A ULTRA FINE will be available to combine with the corresponding compounds and achieve different level of cutting and finishing according to the different polishing needs.

RUPES D-A FINE and D-A COARSE are the new BigFoot Polishing Compounds for all Dual Action Polishers. D-A COARSE is the ideal compound for quick defects removal and smooth user experience on every type of paint. D-A FINE is the ultimate fine polish that combines noticeable cutting performance with impressive finishing. It is the perfect second step of polishing on virtually every type of painted, gelcoat, or varnished finish or as a stand-alone solution.

UNO PURE is an ultra-fine polish, universally compatible, designed for use on all tool types. The proprietary formula uses the latest in abrasive technology to produce the highest possible optical clarity and reflectivity when used with RUPES BigFoot polishing system tools and pads.

The new compounds are now available in Europe and select global markets, the new Pads will be available starting from the end of May. All new products will be coming to the USA later this summer.

Contact your local authorized Distributor:

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Where did green pads went? To trashbin?