New D-A Series BigFoot Foam Polishing Pads

RUPES is introducing new foam polishing pads with completely new materials and pad profile. Our new D-A Foam Pads, just like the corresponding compounds, are joining the current random orbital and gear driven foam pads in the BigFoot polishing pads line.

The new, proprietary foam formulas and new pad profile have been extensively tested to deliver great performance and improved user experience on all the BigFoot orbital polishing systems. Thanks to the new contoured profile it will be easier to polish those complex and difficult-to-reach areas, without any risks of touching the surface with the edge of the backing pad. The lower profile was specially designed to maximize the transmission of the random orbital and gear driven tool mechanical movements to the work surface.

Moreover, it provides a great user experience by reducing the overall distance from the surface, improves stability and control during all phases of the polishing process, and also aids in reducing pad distortion mainly caused by the gear driven tools movement and torque output.


The DA COARSE foam pad is specially designed to be used with both random orbital and gear-driven tools. The unique open-cell foam material removes mild to severe defects from most paint systems when paired with RUPES DA-COARSE compound.

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The DA FINE foam pad is the most versatile foam pad in the RUPES BigFoot range, delivering an effective rate of defect removal and capability for high-gloss finishing on most paint systems. Pair with RUPES DA-FINE polishing compound for moderate to fine defect removal, paint refinement, or final finishing after heavy compounding steps.

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The DA ULTRAFINE foam pad is our finest grade of foam, designed for ultra-high gloss finishing and polishing haze-prone or very soft paint surfaces. The unique material composition of the DA ULTRA-FINE pad can also be used for the application of sealants or waxes when no correction is required. Pair it with UNO PURE ultra-fine universal polish to remove extremely fine defects or to bring out a show car level finish on even the most difficult-to-finish vehicles.

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