AMDetails Rupes New MarkIII Polisher

Watch this video from AM Details. The new LHR 21MarkIII is reviewed highlighting its coolest new features. The changes have been mainly aesthetic, but they really improved the user experience:

  • 9 meter cord with specific plug according to where you order the tool,
  • improvement in ergonomics due to the new rubberized handle, which changed  the feel of holding it,
  • variable trigger, which enables the user to proportionally control the rotation speed,
  • new speed controller on top of the machine, which has been changed for a larger one, slighty angled as well, so that it actually rolls very smothly on the finger.
  • two ergonomical rubber bumps on top of the tool, which provide the user with prevention from possible damages caused when laying the MarkIII upside down on a working surface.

Subscibe to Rupes Youtube channel

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