The continuous search for innovative solutions, the focus on design, the attention for customers and the constant assurance of total quality are the elements that have enabled Rupes to become the most trail-brazing global manufacturer of professional electric and pneumatic tools. A role that has been further strengthened through the collaboration with some of the most important engineering faculties and leading multinationals of the sector like 3M. Over the last 10 years Rupes has developed a wide number of patents and created several solutions, which have contributed to simplifying today's work and increasing performances.

Market focus and direct collaboration with users enable our marketing office to identify the latest trends and to propose customized solutions that accounts for the uniqueness of our tools.

Research & Development
Our technical department is constantly searching for new solutions. The automatic filter cleaning system, anti-spinning, innovative 15-hole backing plate, the efficient disk removal solution and the continuous introduction of new products and solutions are the perfect example of our technicians' ability to meet the needs of all users.

Technical tests
Before being introducing into the market, every Rupes machine undergoes an extensive series of accurate technical assessments. The resistance to heavy duty work of motors, balancing, energy consumption and resistance to impacts are only a few examples of the standard requirements with which all new Rupes products must comply with.

All Rupes tools are assembled manually by expert technicians. Before being packaged, each tool undergoes an additional series of extensive tests aimed at excluding all potential defects.

The Just in Time production system and the new stocking system implemented in Rupes warehouses ensure that all customers receive their products in a very short time.

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