Back in 1947 the acronym RUPES was explicitly chosen to express this concept.
A fully Italian story began soon after the Second World War and immediately marked by dozens of successes, which have today transformed RUPES into a benchmark manufacturer of professional tools throughout the world.

RUPES was set-up. The first main office was located in Milan.

Launch of the first electric sander: STORK 123. An international success and revolutionary start that paved the future evolution of today's machine tools.

RUPES further revolutionizes the field of electric tools, with the introduction of the new TP/PC drill, the first one with body in technical polymer instead of a traditional metal one. The new plastic material developed in collaboration with Bayer improves lightness, solidity and electric insulation, becoming an international standard.

First electric random orbital sander.

The constant search for solutions designed to protect the physical health of users resulted in the application of a dust removal system to all RUPES sanders.

Opening of a new manufacturing site for pneumatic tools.

The field of smoothing is revolutionized by yet another novelty. RUPES launches the first electric palm orbital sander LE 7, designed to be operated with one hand only.

Launch of articulated brackets designed to enable dust removal systems to be used in the machining area.

Opening of a second manufacturing site for electric motors.

Rupes launches the new centralized vacuum systems for the removal of dust produced during smoothing processes.

The range of dust removal products is further enriched with the introduction of the first mobile trolleys with vacuum, “Energy Car”, designed to be easily moved around the workplace.

Rupes launches Delta, a unit that owes its name to the plate fitted on the tool, designed to meet specific manufacturing requirements.

Polyurethane starts to be used for the production of backing and standard RUPES plates.

The electric motors for which RUPES is renown are further enhanced with the new 950 W M57 motor, which will later be fitted as standard on traditional random orbital/planetary sanders BR and BK.

LH 16E: technology and innovation combined to offer customers a high performing polisher with a compact small-sized body.

RUPES moves its administrative and operational offices to the new site of Vermezzo near Milan, just facing the network of channels designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

To ensure full compliance with the concept of total quality, the manufacturing process of electric motors is completely automated with the acquisition of a new assembly line, designed to ensure a full control of all the manufactured motors.

The plant for the manufacture of backing and standard plates is completely redesigned with environmentally-friendly materials to further reduce environmental impact.

Rupes sets up NETCO: a new plant for the design and manufacture of a wide range of dust removal systems, introducing also a new line of mobile units, KS260, for the removal of the dust produced during smoothing. Patented solutions designed to provide maximum practicality and to become a standard in the field.

Carrier System: a new concept of tool portability. Rupes introduces a system of modular containers and mobile bases to optimize spaces and improve the management of working tools.

The range of tools is further broadened. In addition to consolidating its lines of sanders and polishers, RUPES expands its activities with the introduction of new products for masonry and building.

New equipment to measure wear-sensitive components under extreme conditions was installed in the two production units: machines are subjected to stringent durability and reliability tests before being put into production.

2008 Orbital polishing takes its first steps: the LHR 150 with a 10 mm orbit is developed.
With the DD 108, a cordless drill driver, RUPES becomes a 10.8 V lithium pioneer.

The dust extraction range is broadened by the new side channel technology turbines and by the new professional extraction unit with automatic filter cleaning, the S 145 line.

The sanding world leaps forward once again: the new SKORPIO line is launched featuring handheld random orbital sanders with pneumatic suction; 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm orbits.
The BIG FOOT brand is established to offer random orbital polishers with greater than 10 mm orbits: LHR 75 is the first BIG FOOT to be marketed, a pneumatic polisher with a 15 mm orbit.

RUPES presents LHR 21E: the second BIG FOOT orbital polisher featuring a 21 mm orbit.
Production area and business logistics are broadened thanks to a 4000 sqm structure.

The S 1 range of professional extraction units is extended by introducing the S 130: this latest unit offers a 30 liters suction capacity.

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