Glazing and brushing machine SR200AE


Adjustable guide rollers for accurate movement of the tool along the surface
Easy calibration of the abrasive-wheel and brush pressure
Designed for connection to an extraction system
Threaded roller-bearer shaft (M14) for use of abrasives and brushes for grinding and polishing
Constant maintenance of the desired speed thanks to the electronics and rpm preselect function
Electrical parts insulated with special resins for greater protection and longer lifetime of the tool


  • Machine ideal for wood brushing with steel and abrasive nylon brushes (SR 200AE)
  • Very versatile tools used in a wide range of jobs such as planing, delustering, levelling, creating ‘antique’ effects, brushing, trimming


SR200AE Glazing and brushing machine


SR200AE Glazing and brushing machine

Technical data

Speed control soft start     √
Wheel spindle thread    M14
Ø wheel holder shaft   mm  19
Ø abrasive wheel max   mm  100
Weight   Kg  2,800
R.P.M.    1500-4000
Power  W/hp   1100

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