Pneumatic planetary sander with 200mm pad – AK200A


Pneumatic planetary sander, is eccentric rotary motion for maximum removal rates
Two handed grip
Tool start up with rotary valve
Fitted with a Ø 200 mm pad
Excellent removal rate for dust produced
Speed control valve
Designed for connection to extraction systems with pivotable connector
Vacuum air pressure regulator eliminating the “blow back” effect of the pad on the surface
The special forced gearing motion promotes a high rate of removal with an excellent finish

Pneumatic planetary sander applications

  • Excellent for working on large surfaces
  • Oxide removal and surface preparation
  • Removal of “gelcoat” from boats
  • Paint stripping work and surface preparation


User manual
AK200A - Pneumatic planetary sander with 200mm pad


AK200A - Pneumatic planetary sander with 200mm pad

Technical data

Speed control
Max consumption air (l/min) 400
Weight (kg) 2,300
Stroke per minute 4900 – 11200
R.P.M. 350 – 900
Working pressure (bar) 6
Ø orbit (mm) 5
Ø backing pad (mm) 200

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