- Machine for the injection/extraction of foaming detergents used to clean interiors in fabric and padded material. The lower amount of water present in the foam significantly reduces the drying time
- The special detergent foam permits rapid drying of surfaces after cleaning 
- Two separate tanks: one for water and detergent, the other for liquid recovery with transparent lid for constant monitoring of extracted amounts
- Detachable extracted-liquid reservoir to facilitate disposal
- Front panel with separate injection and extraction pump controls
- Injection plunger with integrated brush and 5 m flexible tube for even distribution of foam over the surface


  • Cleaning matting, fitted carpets and car interiors

Technical data

Weight Kg 20,000
By-pass pump: vibration  
Noise dB(A) 70
Capacity water recovery tank l 14
Tank capacity l 14
Power W/hp 1500