DOUBLE CLEAN – double density cleaner (UN 1719) 5 L – 4 pcs

Detergent for washing cars, trucks and workshop floors, engine compartments. It can also be used as an anti-silicone before painting.Should be sprayed onto particularly greasy dirt and left to act; can be used very dilute for textile cleaning.
This product is particularly useful for cleaning road dirt from cars and trucks. Can be blown on with a cleaning nozzle, sprayed on or applied in the form of a foam.

Technical data

Description Size Packaging Code
C701 - Wheel fast cleaner Tank 5l 2 Tanks 9.CCC701T/2
M101 - High Concentrated Detailing Shampoo Tank 5l 2 Tanks 9.CCM101T/2
M707 - Carnauba High Gloss Protective Shampoo Tank 5l 2 Tanks 9.CCM707T/2
M606 - Rapid Cleaner Detailer Tank 5l 2 Tanks 9.CCM606T/2
P808 - Protective Sealant Tank 5l 2 Tanks 9.CCP808T/2
G401 - Glass Cleaner Tank 5l 2 Tanks 9.CCG401T/2
L301 - Leather fast cleaner Tanica 5l 2 Tanks 9.CCL301T/2
M501 - Multi Purpose Degreaser Tank 5l 2 Tanks 9.CCM501T/2
Detersol - No foam detergent (CK 31) Tank 5l 4 Tanks 100.1607/4
Superfoam - Foam detergent (CK 31F) Tank 5l 4 Tanks 101.1607/4
Double clean - High-concentrated cleaner for car wash Tank 5l 1 Tank 107.1607/4