Wool Pads for Random Orbital Polishers – 9.BW Series

Rupes just released a new video about the Wool Pads 9.BW Series on the RUPESSPA youtube channel. They are specifically designed to get a very high level of defect removal together with a good finish and they can be used with Random Orbital, Gear Driven and Triple Action Polishers.

There are two different versions available: blue pad with 5mm low fiber and rigid blue sponge support, and yellow pad with longer fiber and softer pad support. Thanks to their versatility, the Wool Pads 9.BW Series can whether provide a very fast defects removal and a lower finish level or a good cut and a good finish in a single step.

Additionally to the technical specifications, the video shows the most appropriate method of use along with some tips and tricks.

Subscibe to Rupes Youtube channel

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