Stolen RUPES Tools

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to inform you that on September 8th, 2020 several RUPES tools have been robbed on board of a truck of our customer quite near our warehouse in Vermezzo, Italy.

Below we list the tools with their serial numbers, kindly asking you to promptly inform the competent authorities in case you should come across these materials.

Code Item Serial Number
HR81ML/BLX 200501215A  200501235A  200501238A
LH18ENS/STD 200604120M  200604123M  200604126M  200604128M 200604129M  200609658M  200609659M  200609662M 200609663M  200609664M
LH19E/STD 2008000077Z  2008000078Z
LHR12E/DLX 200400859P  200700839P  200700842P
LHR12E/STD 200705984P
LHR15III/STD 200703403P  200703404P  200703407P  200703408P  200703409P  200703410P  200703411P  200703412P  200703413P  200703414P  200703416P  200703417P  200703418P  200703419P  200703420P
LHR15ES/DLX 200504887P  200504889P  200604272P  200604273P  200604274P
LHR15ES/STN 200503373P  200503378P  200503381P  200503385P  200503387P
LHR15ES/STD 200801503P  200801504P  200801505P  200801506P  200801507P  200801510P  200801512P  200801513P  200801514P  200801517P
LHR21III/DLX 200602196P  200602198P  200602199P  200602201P  200606773P
LHR21III/STN 200610214P  200610218P
LHR21III/STD 200801364P  200801365P  200801367P  200801371P  200801372P
LHR21ES/STN 200701196P  200701197P  200701199P  200701200P  200701201P  200701202P  200701203P  200701204P  200701205P  200701206P
LHR21ES/STD 200610132P  200610133P  200610134P  200610135P  200610136P  200610137P  200610138P  200610140P  200610141P  200610144P
LHR75E/DLX 200604672P
LHR75E/STN 200606828P  200606829P  200706339P  200706340P  200706341P
LHR75E/STD 200801025P  200801026P  200801027P  200801028P  200801029P  200801030P  200801031P  200801032P  200801033P  200801034P  200801035P  200801036P  200801037P  200801038P  200801039P
SL42AES/STD 200106790D  200106791D  200106793D  200106794D  200106795D  200106796D  200106797D  200106798D  200106799D  200106800D  200106801D  200106806D  200106816D  200106825D  200607555M
ER03TE/STD 200400314C  200400317C  200400328C  200400332C  200400337C
ER05TE/STD 200601208C  200601209C 200601210C   200601213C 200601214C 200601216C  200601218C  200601219C  200601220C  200601222C  200601223C  200601224C
LHR12E/STN 200400895P  200400898P
RA150A 200701382A
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Sylvain DUBE

Well received.

Will keep a “Close Eye” out for these. Have printed and posted for my customers