New RUPES Pre-cut abrasive soft rolls

Efficient, flexible and easy to use

The new RUPES abrasive soft rolls are specific for manual sanding for profiled and irregular surfaces and for small areas that are normally difficult to reach with pneumatic and electric tools.

They guarantee an excellent level of finishing and homogeneity of sanding on base coats and on coatings that are normally used in car body shops. The soft sponge structure guarantees an ergonomic and comfortable grip.

The abrasive, made of aluminium oxide, thanks to the special stearate layer, drastically reduces clogging, and assures maximum efficiency and increases life time.


RUPES rolls are pre-cut in 114mmX 125mm strips and are packaged in a dispenser box, in order to maximize efficiency and conveniently tear the strip using one hand.

The strips work best for dry sanding and on a range of surfaces in many industrial fields, and their main applications are:

  • Automotive: putty, base coats and clear coats.
  • Industrial: carbon fiber, acrylic and polyester resins
  • Shipyards: gelcoatWood industrial furniture: MDF, polyester varnish, acrylic and poly-acrylic varnishes and water borne varnishes.

Packaging includes 200 strips 114X125mm each.

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