New ER303TE & ER305TE Random Orbital Electric Sanders


RUPES is very pleased to announce the official release of the new RUPES ER303TE  and ER305TE Random Orbital Electric Sanders with self generated dust extraction.

The new Random Orbital Sanders ER303TE and ER305TE, equipped respectively with a 3mm or 5mm orbit, are characterized by high silence and ergonomic shape. These powerful sanders, with speed control in set, were ergonomically designed with a handy soft grip cover, that ensures a secure grip and good guidance, and with an integrated special balancing system that allows the user to work with very low-vibrations and provides comfortable and joint-friendly working conditions.

Both tools are equipped with an autonomous and highly effective suction system. The sanding dust generated is collected in the patented RUPES Green Tech Filter (80.400/C).

To learn more about these new incredible solutions and to inquire about the purchase of any of our products, please contact one of our Authorized Distributors worldwide:

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Tim Adams

I really like the way these sanders look. Beautiful.


This is very promising. It’s at a good price point like Festool, and I love the self extraction..IE no hose. I just wish they were lower profile for tight spaces inside cabinets (I refinish). The high profile can make it very challenging which is where surf prep is still out performing in my opinion. But their price is quite high. Add a lower profile and you would have a full convert.