RUPES is proud to launch the the new website dedicated to the RUPES Authorized Training Centre network worldwide:

This ambitious project was implemented internally by RUPES with the aim of significantly improve the quality standards of our training centre network. At RUPES we definitely believe in education as a key point and this new website is fundamental to collect all the RUPES authorized and qualified trainers in different areas of the world and make sure that all the professionals that are eager to go in depth in the knowledge of our systems and products are able to receive training courses at the highest possible level of professionalism and expertise.

The implementations are different; this new platform includes a variety of new training contents, material, and tools that are now available for both the trainers and the users:

  • TRAINING CENTRES: List of Training Centres now even easier to browse and search thanks to the implementation of a filter to search by country and a clearer world map with indicated the locations of all RUPES authorized trainers.
  • COURSES: Here it is possible to see all the upcoming available courses posted by the trainers. It is now possible to filter and sort the courses by selecting the polishing category, the language of the training, the topics, the country, and the industries you are interested in.
  • CALENDAR: This very useful new section gives the possibility to see all the scheduled courses that are available at Authorized Training Centres worldwide, including the language of the trainer, the country and the type of training.
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