Rupes Sanders – More safety with minimal environmental impact

The LE-LS-LC mini sanders and the GREENTECH filter have been awarded the TNO certification for maximum safety and minimum dust dispersion for up to 8 hours use.

The LE-LS-LC mini sanders series, and the GREENTECH filter unit developed by RUPES, have been awarded the prestigious TNO certification, which certifies that the tools create the minimum dust dispersion during sanding up to eight hours. The certification had already been awarded for a limit of up to 2 hours of use, and has now been extended to 8 hours. This is thanks to improvements in the RUPES products, which have increased the level of safety and environmental respect.

The TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) is a leading independent scientific Institute, specialized in the study of tools, processes and design of the working environment in the industrial sector. The main objective of these studies is to create production processes with low environmental impact and low dust generation. TNO performance tests are mandatory in the Netherlands, and are conducted on the entire sanding system including both the tool and filter. These tests certify that levels of hazardous substances such as crystalline silica, dust and wood residues or hexavalent chromium, dispersed in the environment during use, do not exceed the maximum permitted limits.


TNO performance test results have certified that RUPES mini orbital sanders and the GREENTECH filter, fully comply with the levels established by law.

During one hour of sanding, the dust dispersed in the work environment is less than 0.2 mg/m3 (data from the operator’s inhalation area), while the maximum daily amount permitted by law in the Netherlands is 2.0 mg/m3.


This means that the RUPES sanding system allows the operator to sand for at least eight hours continuously, safely, minimizing health risks and in full compliance with environmental regulations.

This certification was awarded thanks to the GREENTECH polyester filter, the self-suction system, and to the arrangement of the air intakes on the pads. A complete sanding system designed to guarantee minimum environmental impact and maximum efficiency.

The LE-LS-LC mini sanders are the first RUPES tools to receive such a prestigious award, and confirm RUPES’ commitment to designing not only tools but also complete sanding systems. They guarantee safer working environments, greater efficiency for the operator, with maximum respect for the environment.

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