25 enero 2019

RUPES S.p.A. has announced a product recall campaign for the Skorpio E sanders manufactured from October 2018. RUPES quality control department has identified a potential electrical issue with the internal electronic control module of some of the sanders RX153A and RX156A  which may create a malfunction or an electrical short circuit. Building safe and reliable products is a RUPES’s top priority, and the Company is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality power tools. Therefore, to fulfil Company’s responsibility to the customers, RUPES has decided to recall all potentially affected tools as a precaution.


This information is provided by RUPES for informational purposes, and should not imply that your unit is affected by a recall. If you believe your unit could be affected by a recall, please reach out your place of purchase to find out more information or send an email to

To check your tool please visit this page

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