Bigfoot system polishing pads


The three critical system components are designed to work in combination to guarantee low vibration levels and the best possible polishing result.The BigFoot systems are designed for maximum efficiency, ease of use and operator comfort. Using BigFoot with RUPES original backing pads and RUPES original polishing pads results in a technical system that guarantees the best possible polishing result and ensures that the tool has perfect balance and a substantially reduced vibration level. The use of backing pads or compound carriers other than members of the BigFoot family of products can lead to a reduction in performance and can further affect the technical and mechanical characteristics of the tool, changing its balance and increasing vibration. Increased vibration not only affects the comfort and overall safety of the operator, but also results in significantly diminished tool life.


The foam pad is one of the key elements in the polishing process; many variables in the technical specs have to be taken into consideration to optimize the performance. Dealing with different paint, compounds or machine requires different foam to make the job safe and efficient.



The new wool pad range is compatible the random orbital and the gear driven polishers included in the BigFoot family. The face of the wool pads is constructed of 100% natural fibers attached to a polyester backing material layer. Quality control for the wool is monitored through the entire manufacturing process to ensure consistency. The blue foam of the coarse wool pad is more rigid and dense which maximizes the translation of tool movement to the work surface, providing increased cutting power. The yellow foam of the medium wool pad is much more flexible to allow for improved control on curves and contours, as well as providing a softer support providing improved finishing ability.



Designed to provide impressive cutting speed, reduced risk of rotary swirls and improved process efficiency whilemaintaining a smooth, vibration-free, operator experience. The all-new RUPES twisted natural wool pads for rotary are available in three sizes and are compatible with virtually all rotary polishing tools on the market today. Each RUPES twisted natural wool pad is constructed of a premium blend of 100% natural lamb’s wool and assembled with a precise strand length of 35mm. No synthetic fibers or fillers are used in the construction of the pad and each strand is steam set to ensure consistency and fastness of color. The RUPES’ twisted natural wool pads were developed to optimize the performance of RUPES Coarse Rotary Compound in an variety of applications and industries.



The innovative RUPES PATENTED microfiber polishing pads are manufactured using a polyurethane resin directly injected into the structure between the velcro interface and the microfiber fabric. The resin crosslinks directly to both materials to provide a stable and secure bond without the use of adhesives. Due to the unique moulding technique, RUPES is able to offer a pad with an beveled, allowing easy conformabiliity to all shapes during the polishing process. In addition to helping dissipate heat, the centre hole also helps to correctly fit the microfiber polishing pad onto the backing plate.