NEW RUPES XC-1 Marine compound

ONE STEP compound: cut and finish

Efficient and easy to use, the XC-1 Marine is the best compound for the shipyards that want to save time, money and deliver an excellent result.The new XC-1 Marine is a cut and finish high performance compound, appropriate for every type of surface in the marine environment: gelcoat, paint and composite. It is a ONE STEP product: it can easily remove P1500 or finer sanding marks and providing a shine surface.

It restores the gloss of the gelcoat’s surface and lacquer heavily deteriorated or oxidised. It is the perfect product to eliminate gelcoat’s irregularities and oxidations with impressive efficiency. It can be used also to polish a brand new surface to deliver an extra gloss. Excellent on both dark and light colours, XC-1 Marine is specifically formulated for Rupes Random Orbital polishers LHR family and gear driven LK900. It is a silicon free compound.

Rupes strongly recommend to combine the new XC-1 Marine with a wool pad as the 9.BW Coarse series to get the best cut, and the best gloss, on every type of surface with every kind of defects. Available packaging includes 1 box with 8 bottles – 1 liter each.

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