BigFoot Car Detailing Centre Tokyo

RUPES is thrilled to announce the opening of a new BigFoot Car Detailing Centre that was inaugurated on September 17th in Tokyo, Japan.

At our Centers, vehicles are treated with absolute care and the most precise and state-of-the-art treatments available by surface appearance specialists that utilize all innovative ranges of the RUPES BigFoot Polishing System to enhance, correct, and preserve automotive surfaces.

The BigFoot System represents a real revolution that has changed the concept of restoration, an ambition that takes shape in results by reflecting every detailer’s ambition to deliver a world-class finish and exceeding client expectation.

BigFoot Car Detailing Centre Tokyo
Address: 1-7-14 Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0097, Japan
Open Hours : 10:00-19:00
Phone: +81-3-3233-3656

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